Survive The Collapse

Your fun outdoor team building in Singapore
to learn about sustainability

We have developed and have been running the first and only scavenger hunt game around climate change in Singapore.

Why choose us for your next team building?

Team cohesion and collective intelligence

Participants will need to take strategic decisions as a team and collaborate with other teams to reach a common objective

Awareness on climate change and resource scarcity

Participants will get a glimpse of possible climate change impacts for Singapore and have an immersive experience of a future, in 2060, when resources might be scarce

Activation on sustainability

Participants will understand better how some of their daily activities impact the planet

Discovery of Singapore

Participants will discover new places in Singapore, connected to art, culture and the environment


Participants will live an intense and engaging experience


The game is a great outdoor exercise

The game

We are in 2060.

There are 10 billion people on Earth. The daily average temperature is 45 degrees in Singapore.

You will have to survive by collaborating with others to collect the few left resources while dealing with climatic catastrophes on a hostile Earth. 

In this unique game, you will be part of a narrative with actors in character to guide you along the way, play fun games, discover new places and reflect on the main challenge of this century.

From 12 to 80 participants

30 min briefing + 2h30 to 4h of game

Outdoor game with convenient starting point (near MRT central locations) and ending location of your choice

Dedicated event consultant and fully guided experience by our facilitators for every event.


Survive the Collapse is a wonderful experience for Team Buildings promoting teamwork, collaboration between teams and insightful climate awareness in a context of limited resources.

Helena Flacquer


[my favorite part of the event was the] games, app, the usage of so many different elements like avatars, location based identification, trading, donation…

Very intellectually stimulating and physically active game with a strong message on sustainability!


Enjoyed the whole journey. I would like to give you a real +1 for the “pre race”, with the videos a few days before, already involving people in the theme & the exciting event upcoming.


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