Survive The Collapse is a grassroots initiative started by a few friends as a not for profit to bring more awareness to climate change in Singapore and the different solutions at the individual level.

It all started as a fun scavenger hunt organized for our network. As the event grew bigger, we got the support of diverse partners such as the SG Eco Fund and we kept on improving our game to make it always more engaging and impactful, even during Covid times.

Today, we have started organizing the game in a lighter version for companies’ team buildings and incorporated into a company to scale the concept and increase our impact.

Get In Touch

Contact us for all questions, and inquiries about the event !

If you would like to organize a game for your team-building or for your students, please reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss about your project!    


Email: info@survive-the-collapse.com
Phone: 8180 9784
Whatsapp: 94261869