Throwback to previous editions

The first edition of the game was launched in January 2019 by several volunteers sharing the same vision to create a fun gamified event with an educational purpose, in particular to raise awareness on climate change and the different solutions at the individual level.  It was sponsored by The Awesome Foundation Singapore.

It has been followed by two new versions of the game, led by different volunteers in March and November 2019. 

In 2021, amid the pandemic, we received the support of the SG Eco Fund to create a hybrid – online and offline – version of the game which took place on 26th of February 2022.

“Thanks to the organizers for the huge effort and amazing job! Doing something like that has always been my dream and you guys made my dream come true yesterday! 🙂 🙂.
Hopefully there will be more of such events in the future.”

“What a great event! Learned stuff, made friends, walked a little too long, and still had a good time! HUGE props to the organizers for putting in all the effort! Amazing job”

Who Will Make It To Planet B?

January 2019


We are in 2060.
We exhausted the resources of Planet Earth. Millions of human beings have been killed already because of the rise of the sea level, climatic catastrophes (floods, tsunamis…) and water wars. Space explorers have found another planet (“Planet B”) where the rest of us could migrate to. We are now able to do this kind of intergalactic journey thanks to our recent mastering of antimatter.
However, that planet is already populated. The autochthones living there are afraid that we, Earthlings, destroy their beautiful planet as we did with ours. Therefore, they want us to go through an immigration process before they grant us a special visa.
4 delegations from Earth, representing one continent each, will have to go through 4 checking points.
YOU have been chosen to be part of one of these delegations and contribute to saving humanity.


The Bootopian civil servants ready to test the contestants

The contestants being tested on their physical abilities

The contestants being tested on their creativity

The contestants being tested on their knowledge about social and environmental issues

Award ceremony and end-game celebration

Back To The Future x BBQ

March 2019


You are agents of the Ministry of Defense. You’ll be on a mission to find Sang Nila Utama, the founder of Singapore, who is lost in 2019 Singapore due to an alien experiment that went wrong.
Through super advanced alien technology, we have been able to trace Sang Nila Utama in the places he has visited by measuring the space time dissonance caused by his presence. However because of the recent solar flare, the locations have been scrambled into clues.
Your task is to use the clues to find SNU, return him to his own timeline, and prevent him from tearing a hole in the fabric of space and time.
Check out below the comic that was made by Rindo for this event! check out his work on Instagram: @charsiusamosa



Coming soon

Scavenger Hunt - Who will Survive the Collapse?

November 2019
February 2022
April 2022
August 2023

Scavenger Hunt – Who will Survive the Collapse?
November 2019
February 2022

LEADER BOARD: Google spreadsheet (nov 2019)


We are in 2060.
There are 10 billion people on Earth.
Some elite managed to make it to the recently discovered planet Bootopia, but the rest of Earthlings are left struggling over resources on a planet in perdition.
In order to survive, they will have to fight over resources with other groups of survivors.
Another day on Earth is starting… Will YOU survive it?


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