If you want to learn more and situate the Climate Crisis, it is worthwhile exploring the concept of the Planetary Boundaries. These refer to the quantitative environmental limits for a safe operating zone as defined by scientists. 

The 9 Planetary Boundaries include greenhouse gas emissions, the ozone layer, forests, freshwater use, biodiversity loss, over intensive use of fertilizers,  chemical overloading of our natural systems,  and by 2015, we had already breached 4 boundaries ie we were no longer operating in the safe and stable zone where our natural ecosystems support us. 

Crossing these limits or boundaries increases the risk of generating large-scale abrupt or irreversible environmental changes.

Earlier this year, scientists confirmed that we have also breached the Novel Entities boundary (chemical overloading through indiscriminate use of chemicals for home and industrial use, plastics, pharmaceuticals etc). See below:

To understand and know the concept of the Planetary Boundaries in greater detail, watch the Netflix documentary Breaking Boundaries, narrated by Sir Richard Attenborough. Here is the trailer: